Unveiled and beautiful

Abu Muhammed called us while we were on the road to his house, as he was worried we had forgotten about our scheduled visit. Later, he explained to Bishara that a few weeks ago, when we had not been able to visit them, he had felt that something was missing from his life.

As we entered the house, we noticed that something was different. Then we realized what it was: the mother of the family was not wearing a head covering! This was a huge step, showing how comfortable she feels around us.

They welcomed us happily and escorted us into the living room. Abu Muhammed counted the children, making sure that they were all there to hear the Bible story.

Bishara told the story of creation. He explained how God showed His love for us by arranging for all our needs before creating Adam. He gave us light to see by, dry land to live on, and food to eat… all before we even knew we needed such things!

We sang our songs again with them. Some of the children sang along with us this time— heartily (as children tend to do!).

Abu Muhammed again shared with me how he and Bishara had prayed for the pain in his stomach and it had been healed. Bishara asked him, “Who healed your stomach?”

“Our Lord,” said Abu Muhammed. “What is his name?” asked Bishara. Abu Muhammed thought for a moment, then said “Jesus.”

As we were leaving, Abu Muhammed took Bishara to the side and explained to him a problem they have with one of their daughters and a boy that she likes. Again, he demonstrated a deep level of trust to share this sensitive topic with Bishara.

We plan to return soon and have a barbecue with the family. Please pray for saving faith to come to this household.

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