Distribution amongst the Druze

Some days we end up with large groups of people who want to do outreach with us. This can be somewhat unwieldy and hard to handle logistically speaking, but there is also great opportunity in it.

For example, a few weeks ago we had two separate groups of people interested in coming with us to hand out Christian literature in a predominantly Druze area in the northern part of Israel. Altogether, we numbered 25 people.

illustrative photo of Druze

Driving to the area, separating 25 people into four groups, making sure each group has enough material in Arabic and Hebrew, and then dropping those groups off at different intersections around town during the busy evening rush hour… all of this took time. To make matters worse, one of the teams had to leave by a certain time for a dinner they had already paid for, so we couldn’t afford to ignore the clock.

I must admit, by the time my group arrived at our intersection, I was worried that the logistical issues we were facing would really hamper the ministry. But I decided to encourage the team one final time that what we were about to do could play a role in the eternal destiny of a human being. I think in encouraging them, I was really trying to encourage myself.

As we stepped out onto the roundabout, I began handing out booklets to the first line of cars that slowed down. Every car took something. I was stunned. Usually there is a mixture of reception and rejection.

The other guys in my group, several of whom had never done this type of ministry, were also surprised. I could see them standing on the other side of the roundabout, freely handing out New Testaments, booklets, and tracts.

A nearby coffee shop owner gave us free coffee, accepted a tract, and asked for my phone number to stay in contact. One car slowed down to ask us if we wanted some cold water.

Our group ran out of tracts and made a big dent in the carton of booklets we had brought to distribute. The other groups scattered around town had similar experiences. Praise God for the opportunity to do this ministry, and for the good reception He prepared for us in that place. Please pray for the Druze people to not only take New Testaments, but to read them and to be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

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