Projects that are in Need of Funding

Below is a list of specific “projects” and materials that are in need of funding.    100% of the money donated toward any given project will be spent on that project as long as you designate a specific project at the time of making the donation; we will regularly update the status of the funding of each project.

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Here are some of the current projects that need funding:


Update: 00/07/12 – Hallelujah!  We are now the owners of a 2006 Volkswagon Transporter Van, at a cost of $24,000.

The White Harvest Van!



We currently have access to Bibles in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English.  We looking for people who can help us in the process of locating, shipping, and if necessary purchasing Bibles in the following languages: French, Hindi (India), Mandarin (China), Nepali, Romanian, Spanish, Tagalog (Philippines), Thai, Tigrinya (Eritrea), Turkish, Ukrainian.  Cost: Ongoing, no limit to this need. Update: 09/07/12 – We recently have had even more Chinese Bibles sent to us from; biggest need is for Tigrinya, Turkish and French languages.

Some of the Chinese materials


Purchasing – The White Harvest purchases thousands of tracts in many languages (currently 10 languages) each month for the purpose of distribution.  The purchasing of these tracts is is an ongoing, unending  need for The White Harvest.  Cost: $300/month

Development – The White Harvest is also writing and developing our own tracts, so that we can “speak” directly to the various people groups of Israel in languages, in terms, and about issues that are relevant to them.  Cost: $500 per tract (includes our first order).  Update: 09/07/12 – We were able to print a new tract and update an older one.

Here’s our latest tract


The White Harvest purchases small pocket-sized booklets for distribution and for “follow-up” opportunities.  Cost: $200 per month.

DVDs and CDs

The White Harvest purchases DVD’s (such as the Jesus Film) and CDs for distribution and for “follow-up” opportunities.  Cost: $100 per month.



Production of a Music/Scripture/Message CD

A CD in Arabic with worship songs, narration and scripture to explain the songs, and a short Gospel message; Arabic is also understood by most of the Sudanese refugees.  Cost: more information forthcoming.

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