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Short-Term Service with The White Harvest

The White Harvest welcomes international outreach teams to come to Israel to work alongside of us.  Once a team leader contacts The White Harvest, we will set-up ministry opportunities for your team, as well leave you some “free time” within your schedule for your team to see some of the Biblical sites here in Northern Israel.

The White Harvest frequently partners with other local Jewish and Arab ministries, as well as international ministries, so that visiting international teams can get a chance to work amongst many of the various people groups that reside within the borders of Israel.  During their time in Northern Israel, many short-term teams work alongside two or three different ministries.


Long-term service with The White Harvest

Our vision for those who will come and serve alongside of The White Harvest is for you to actually live among the people and culture with whom you are serving.  The White Harvest can provide you with clean, safe, affordable housing, as well as make sure that you have access to all the essentials that you will need during your time here in Israel.

The White Harvest will provide you with the teaching and training necessary for you to minister here in Israel.  Along with our office and training center, we also partner with Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS), located in the heart of Nazareth.  Part of NETS vision is to provide “profound theological and Biblical training and reflection, effective leadership training, and promoting reconciliation and unity within the body of Christ.”

To learn more about NETS, visit their website at:


Besides receiving teaching and training, those participating in long-term service can expect to:

  • Visit cities, villages – prayer walking through neighborhoods and general visitation of homes within these cities and villages for the purpose building relationships and sharing the Gospel.


  • Distributing materials at junctions, in neighborhoods, shopping centers, and beaches.



  • Providing for the physical needs of people through the distribution of food, clothing, etc.



Contact The White Harvest regarding serving alongside of our team

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