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Distribution amongst the Druze

illustrative photo of Druze

Some days we end up with large groups of people who want to do outreach with us. This can be somewhat unwieldy and hard to handle logistically speaking, but there is also great opportunity in it. For example, a few weeks ago we had two separate groups of people interested in coming with us to [...]

You bring light

photo credit: Jenny Oetzell

After the most recent Back to Jerusalem evangelism conference, Bishara and a group of local pastors had planned two days of outreach around the country. Thursday was the final day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, so we bought some sweets to give out to people in Nazareth, along with Christian materials. We had also ordered [...]


photo credit: Jenny Oetzell

Our ministry received a massive donation of pants last year: boxes and boxes of brand new slacks and jeans, still in their original packaging. We have been thinking and praying about how to best use this resource for a while now, and recently we decided to put our plans into action. With the help of [...]

The fruit of our labors


As it turns out, Abu Muhammed really did want us to come to his son’s wedding! We had tried calling several times in the week leading up to the wedding, with no response. As a result, we had assumed that they were embarrassed to tell us that it would actually be inappropriate for us to come. But [...]

Jacqueline’s story

The story of how Jacqueline became a dear sister in our spiritual family is a striking example of how God can take difficult situations and redeem them for His glory and the good of those who love Him. Born and raised in Lebanon, Jacqueline first came to Israel almost twenty years ago as a caretaker for an [...]

Circle of mattresses


A few weeks ago, The White Harvest was invited to work together with the Back to Jerusalem in Israel ministry to spend some time reaching out to refugees in a nearby country. Pastor Bishara was able to set aside a week in order to travel to the country and participate in this incredibly important ministry. This particular [...]

Do the hard thing

Together with Bishara, we had planned to spend an afternoon handing out Christian literature at a busy intersection in the area, but we had not yet specified which intersection. Bishara suggested we walk to the traffic circle near our church and begin handing out Arabic materials. Under normal circumstances, I would have loved to go [...]

The quiet side of town

Drawing of Mosque

A short-term team from a church in the USA came to work with us this past week. On Monday morning, we gathered in the church to explain some of the history and unique needs of the village, then we went out in two groups to pray. Emily and I led a group down through a [...]

Full Circle : Fruit comes after five years

Five years ago, Bishara took a missions team of young people to a nearby Muslim village in order to walk, pray, and hand out Christian literature. He noticed that this particular team was very spirit-filled and courageous, so he was excited to see what God would do through their time in the village. This town [...]

A Reunion

On Monday, we were sitting together and talking about our ministry plans for the year. We had been hoping to return to Abu Muhammed’s family to continue sharing the Gospel with them, but for several weeks Abu Muhammed had not answered his telephone. We prayed that God would allow us to make contact with them, [...]