October 08, 2012 – Haifa

Our new van (new to us anyway) loaded with tables and materials!

This outreach began on a wonderful note as Bishara was joined not only by Bishar (standing on the left in this photo), another local evangelist, but they were also joined by Fa’heed, a new believer. What is extra special for us about Fa’heed is that last fall (2011), Bishara and a Finnish YWAM team were knocking on doors in Fa’heeds neighborhood, and they were invited into Fa’heed’s home (an Arab “Christian” home) by his mother (a believer). In Fa’heed’s home, Bishara and the team had the opportunity to pray for this family, including Fa’heed, who was not a believer at that point.

The outreach to Haifa this evening (seek link below) was amazingly eventful.  As the team tried to enter the festival, they were told at the entrance that they were not allowed with their materials.  The team decided to walk and pray about another location to go to, but it began to rain, so they took shelter in front of a restaurant, as they saw many other people running into the restaurant to escape the rain.  Part of the team sang worship songs on the steps while other handed out tracks.

Jewish man took a track and read it while listening to team worshipping, then, after he had finished reading it, he gave it back and said “Thank you, for doing this and for the music that you are playing.”  Another man that evening also thanked us for the music; we experience this again and again during the outreaches that we bring instruments and sing worship music.

Just as the team was getting themselves ready to leave, someone told Bishara that he needed to go to talk with a young couple.  Bishara spent two and a half hours ministering this traditional Christian Arab young man and his girlfriend, who was already a believer.  Eventually, the young man said he was ready to pray, but as Bishara lead this man in a prayer, every time that Bishara asked the man to pray “I want to surrender myself to You,” the man said he couldn’t pray this, so Bishara prayed for him again, and again the young man couldn’t pray these words, so Bishara prayed for him a third time and the young man finally, and very tearfully, was able to pray these words and he surrendered his life to the Lord.

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