May 23, 2012 – Ramle-Lod

We ministered with a local church in the Ramle-Lod, a city near Tel Aviv that has a mixed population of Jews (40,000) and Arabs (25,000).  To add even more to your understanding of the diversity of the city, nearly a third of the city is populated by Jews from the Former Soviet Union and from Ethiopia, and nearly a fifth of the city is populated by Bedouin Arabs.

This particular outreach involved approaching Jews and Arabs in a park where they gather to have breakfast with family and friends, or where they come to sit and talk with one another, or to simply rest.

The first time that we went there was on a Wednesday because there is a market near there on Wednesdays. We had very interesting conversations with many Jewish and Muslims people; some refused us, but we had two situations where people were welling to sit and listen to us and receive the Bible.

We believe that this spot will be good place to do the ministry, but we also feel that we need to invest more prayer into this before doing so.

The team having a meal together after the outreach.

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